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Website terms and conditions

Please read the following rules (hereinafter – “The Rules”) before you start to use official web-site of First Heartland Bank JSC located at (hereinafter “The Web-Site”).

1. General Information

1.1. The information on the Web-Site is provided for illustrative purposes only. Service terms specified on the Web-Site are not binding upon the Bank unless they are included in agreement between the Bank and client.

1.2. The Bank may change any information on the Web-Site and the Web-Site’s structure without prior notice to the Web-Site users.

1.3. The info on the Web-Site shall not be considered as an offer, recommendation or request to purchase the Bank’s services, unless otherwise specified by the Bank.

1.4. The Bank does not guarantee accuracy and completeness of information, except for the information published in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

1.5. The Bank shall not guarantee availability of services and/or products described on the Web-Site.

1.6. The information on the Web-Site has been received from reliable sources to the best of our knowledge; nevertheless each user shall independently assess the information on the Web-Site and its usefulness on own.

1.7. You may clarify relevance of the information at any branch office of First Heartland Bank JSC or by the Bank’s Call Center phone numbers.

2. Liability

2.1. The Bank shall not be liable for any expenses and damages arising from use of the Web-Site even if the Bank or its representatives were aware of errors on the Web-Site. We recommend contacting the Bank’s Call Center prior to filling in documents on the Web-Site.

2.2. The Bank shall not be liable for damages arising from use of the Web-Site or information on the Web-Site, unavailability of services, products or the Web-Site for whatever reasons, failures and shutdown of the Web-Site.

3. References to Third Party Sources

3.1. The Web-Site may contain links to third parties’ home pages. The Bank shall not be liable for the contents of third parties’ web-sites and services offered by them or for expenses and damages resulting from visits to such web-sites via text links shown on the Web-Site.

4. Intellectual Property Rights 

4.1. The Bank and/or third parties, if shown on the Web-Site, shall reserve property right, copyright and any other intangible rights to the Web-Site, textual, graphical and any other visual information, audio- and video information of any nature. Replication, distribution, transformation, supplementation, and reproduction of the Web-Site and information contained on the Web-Site without a relevant written consent of intellectual property rights holder shall be prohibited.

4.2. The contents of the Web-Site may be cited with reference to the source of corresponding information if such citing does not infringe the Bank’s interests only.

5. Confidentiality and Disclaimer

5.1. The Bank shall not collect users’ private data on the Web-Site except for information provided by users voluntarily (for example when sending e-mails or filling in application forms). Any information provided by users in such a manner shall not be available for third parties. The Bank shall use information for the purposes for which users provide it only.

5.2. The Web-Site uses cookie files – system information files that the Web-Site may use for identification, making access to the Web-Site easier and faster. You may prohibit use of cookie files by changing your browser settings. In this case some of the Web-Site’s functions will be unavailable.